Joplin City Council says thank you to outgoing members; New Mayor chosen and new members are sworn in

Doug Lawson was chosen Mayor by the newly seated council Monday evening
Joplin City Council
The three outgoing Joplin City Council members, L-R. Anthony Monteleone, Mayor Ryan Stanley and Diane Reid-Adams.

JOPLIN, Mo. — The Joplin City Council that has been led by Mayor Ryan Stanley these past two years said goodbye on Monday evening.

City Council members leaving service were honored, including Diane Reid Adams, Anthony Monteleone, and Mayor Ryan Stanley. The latter two decided not to run for re-election.

Joplin News First shares full meeting broadcast when possible.  Here is the full broadcast from Monday evening. Everyone is welcome or view it on KGCS-TV or the City’s livestream at

Joplin City Court Judge John Podleski swore in new members who received the most votes in the April 5 election, thus being elected to council.

  • Three members for general seat:
  • Kate Spencer
  • Doug Lawson, (incumbent)
  • Josh DeTar

Gary Shaw, incumbent, ran unopposed in Zone I.

Mark Farnham won the election for Zone IV. He is new to the council.

The new council was then seated and chose a new Mayor. Elected with a 5-vote majority, Doug Lawson, is the new Mayor.

Keenan Cortez was chosen as Mayor Pro-Tem.

Joplin City Council

Joplin City Court Judge John Podleski swears in council member, Doug Lawson. Minutes later he was chosen Mayor by the 9-member council.

Joplin City Council

Newly elected Mayor Doug Lawson.


“The mayor shall be elected by the council at its first meeting from among the city council members for a term of two years and shall have no regular administrative duties. He shall preside at all meetings of the council and shall be recognized as head of the city government for all legal and ceremonial purposes.

He shall have the same right to vote as any other member of the council, but shall have no veto power. The council shall also select from among the councilmen a mayor “pro-tempore” who shall act as mayor during the mayor’s absence or the mayor’s inability to act. If a vacancy should occur in either the office of the mayor or mayor “protempore”, a successor shall be elected by the remaining council for the unexpired term.” — Joplin City Charter

Additionally the mayor is paid no more than a regular council person. In fact the Charter outlines each city council member shall receive a salary of $5 (five dollars) for each meeting they attend. But they cannot exceed $120 a year. Checks are cut quarterly.