Joplin City Council discuss next steps in improving public safety

JOPLIN, Mo.- Joplin’s City Council meeting focused on discussing the next steps in improving public safety. 

City officials shared resource allocation study results for the fire and police departments. The study recommends the city hire 22 more police officers and create a centrically located station for the fire department.

Proposition Public Safety failed to get a majority vote during the August 2 election. Voters expressed a lack of trust in the city government and misuse of existing resources. City officials recognize that members of the community want transparency in the city’s plan and budget.

“I think we need transparency. We need to start from the top, not just with a proposition, not just with a bandaid over the issue. We need transparency. We need to take care of our public safety members. We need to do it where the whole community benefits from it,” said one community member. 

Creating a plan to improve public safety is an ongoing discussion between city officials and the community.