Joplin City Council Candidate Forum for April 5, 2022 ballot, hosted by Bobbie Pottorff of MSSU

Recorded at Joplin City Council Chambers, March 29, 2022.
Host Bobbie Pottorff, General Manager of MSSU, KGCS-21

JOPLIN, Mo. – This was originally recorded and aired on MSSU television KGCS-21, Monday evening, March 29, 2022.

The host/moderator is Bobbie Pottorff is the General Manager of MSSU tv, KGCS-21.

Pottorff outlines the forum to the candidates and those viewing.

  • Each candidate will have one minute to introduce themselves.
  • Questions will be asked of candidates at random.  Each candidate will have two minutes to respond.
  • Five candidates are running for three general seats:
    • Doug Lawson (incumbent)
    • Kate Spencer
    • Brian J. Evans
    • Josh DeTar
    • Jon Thomas Buck
  • Two candidates for one seat in zone 4:
    • Diane Reid Adams (incumbent)
    •  Mark Farnham
  • Gary Shaw is running unopposed in zone 1.

This program will air on television again at 6 p.m. on Thursday and Sunday. It is available on their KGCS-21 You Tube Channel. You can also view it on various cable outlets across the area.  However the election will be decided only by those who are registered to vote in the Joplin city limits.

It is also available on the City of Joplin website.

Find sample ballots and more election information here.