Joplin City Council approves agreement on new Crosslines location

Joplin City Council approves agreement on new Crosslines location
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Tonight the Joplin City Council voted to approve an agreement regarding a new location for Crosslines services.

The city plans to purchase the organization’s current building in order to convert it into a locker room and training facility for the Joplin Blasters.

Crosslines has grown increasingly crowded since it opened at its current location more than thirty years ago.

“Crosslines is really a safety net organization for people in our community, providing food, clothes, basic necessities,” said Rikki Smith, Assistant Director, Crosslines.

Located across the street from the construction work at Joe Becker Memorial Stadium, the City of Joplin has drafted an agreement to purchase the building and help Crosslines expand to a new location.

The group has applied for some grant funding to help cover remodeling costs at the new facility.

“We are really fortunate in that the city’s offer on our building and a couple grants we already received are pretty much making it a close financial transaction,” Smith said.

Smith says she and other staff members are excited about the added space at the new 10,000 square foot facility, which is located just a few blocks away from their current building near the intersection of School Avenue and 3rd Street.

“Those who walk will still have easy access and it’s sort of on their same route,” she said.

City officials say the purchase of the existing Crosslines building will cost $220,000, but saves the city money in the long-run.

“It will cost us a lot less to rehabilitate this facility as opposed to building a new locker room facility from scratch,” said Chris Cotten, Parks and Recreation Director.

Cotten says the building already has adequate square footage for several professional baseball uses.

“Team offices, home locker room, away locker room, umpire changing areas, offices for the coaches of both teams,” he said.

Moving dates have not been scheduled, but both the city and Crosslines are doing all they can in advance to prepare.

“We would like to be in there by February,” Cotten said. “We have a lot of work to do to get it ready.”

“Just hoping that the whole move goes smoothly,” Smith said.

Now that the agreement has been approved by the council, the city can go forward with completing the transaction with Crosslines.

Officials plan to have the new locker room facility in place by the Joplin Blaster’s first season.