Joplin City Council addresses three emergency ordinances at Tuesday night’s meeting

JOPLIN, Mo. – The Joplin City Council met tonight with a few emergency ordinances on the agenda.

We begin with work on East 15th Street. Tonight the council approved a cost-sharing agreement with the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission to help split the costs to extend 15th Street from Range Line to the Walmart entrance.

The work will include the addition of sidewalks, marked lanes, and set entrances for businesses.

The work will also include improvements to the intersection of 15th and Range Line.

Construction is expected to start sometime in early 2021.

Also tonight, council approved sidewalk work in the area designated as Neighborhood Improvement District Number 4.

The sidewalks are highlighted on this map from the City of Joplin.

Work includes replacing some existing sidewalks with new sidewalks with handicap accessibility.

It will also include curb and sewer improvements and the construction of some new sidewalks in the area.

Also tonight the city approved the purchase of a new fire truck to replace an aging truck.

The new truck has a cost of about $908,000, however, the city is getting a trade-in deal on the old truck, bringing the cost down to around $885,000.