Joplin Chamber group introduces “Slow Roll Joplin”

New bike group visits shops, downtown

Bike enthusiasts in Joplin have a new activity to add to their list “Slow Roll Joplin”.

Lindsay Gagnon is a member of the Trails and Connectivity Work Group within the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce. She says through some discussions, they realized they needed more events for bicycle riders in the city. Gagnon says “We wanted a group or a way to have them all come together and have just a fun time while also supporting local businesses and downtown Joplin and Joplin as a whole as well.”

So they thought of “Slow Roll Joplin” which is just a casual, social bike ride in the downtown area. One of the side benefits of the ride, the cyclists stop at local businesses, like, Social BTB. Eric Weber, General Manager of Social BTB says “I love having the community come in and being able to give that service out to them, it gives me, it gives me a good job.”

Weber’s bar filled up fast with riders which kept him busy, but he says, that’s okay. Weber says “It’s great because in turn, they’re coming in and they’re showing support to us, and being able to engage with everything that we’ve wanted to create.”

The ride is open to all ages and 12 year old Elliot Palmer joined his parents and the other adult riders. He says, it’s a great change of scenery. Elliot Palmer says “Different places, different things to see, I mean, it’s like, seeing stuff that you’ve never seen in Joplin, but you’ve passed, but you’ve never paid attention.”

And beyond the 3 mile ride, Palmer says he gets to do something else his normal bike rides don’t. Palmer says “It’s having fun and meeting other people, I mean, I know some people here but, it’s having a good experience meeting other people.”

For Gagnon, she says it’s all about showcasing the City of Joplin. Gagnon says “We’ll have other rides in the future too that will be more centered around coffee shops or maybe parks or something.”

Gagnon says they plan on having monthly rides on the last Wednesday of each month.


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