Joplin Centerfire to Open as Indoor Shooting Range

Joplin Centerfire to Open as Indoor Shooting Range

Recent conceal carry gun laws in Missouri and Kansas have made it so more people have guns. A new business in Joplin wants to give those people a place to shoot them, indoors.
Crews worked on a concrete walkway taking shape in front of Joplin Centerfire, an indoor shooting range. Still under construction, two large bays will offer twelve shooting lanes, each twenty-five yards long.
Walls are all eight inches thick. Just one of the safety features designed to keep bullets from escaping.
Owner Tyler Oberley explained, “All of the bays, down the firing line, will have a suspended, dropped ceiling covered with ceiling baffles which are suspended, angles AR 500 steel plates covered in a fascia. That helps with sound quality and that ensures that every round fired from the firing line will not escape these walls and goes down to our trap.”

The targeting retrieval system hasn’t been installed yet but Oberley said it will be very high tech. Not just a flat target, but one that will be moving offering training and sport opportunities.

Oberley said, “The target can actually rotate three hundred sixty degrees. It’s controlled by a touch screen tablet mounted right in your stall. And there are actually twenty-five to twenty-seven baked in shooting qualifying, training, practicing scenarios.” The shooting lanes will have simulated night mode lighting as well.

Currently the only other indoor shooting range is at Missouri Southern State University but it is not open to the public. Joplin police and Jasper county sheriff’s deputies train there now. Criminal justice professor JJ Spurlin said he gets called regularly with requests from the public to use the shooting range. He said there is demand and he sees how an indoor range could be a help. ” If you’re sitting and shooting, you’re just essentially target practice. Where does the real life, uh danger come into effect? The more experience you can have, that when you do face somebody of adversarial means, the better off you’re gonna be,” said Spurlin.

Joplin Centerfire will have classes and retail space for buying and even renting guns for those who don’t own one to experience shooting.
Oberley added, “All are welcome. Families, women, men, shooters of all ages come in and try it out .”
Joplin Centerfire hopes to be ready to open in December.
Membership and pricing information are available at the shooting range’s website. Click here for a link.