Joplin businessman calls on Senate to censure MO Senator Josh Hawley

JOPLIN, Mo. – A Joplin business leader who is a major Republican campaign donor is calling for the U.S. Senate to censure Missouri Senator Josh Hawley. Hawley faces backlash over his challenge to the presidential electoral vote.

Tamko President and CEO David Humphreys and donor to Senator Hawley’s campaign issued a statement to the Missouri Independent saying the Senate needs to censure Senator Hawley. All of this stemming from his objection Wednesday night to the presidential election results. Violence broke out at the Capitol prior to the Senate meeting, and Republican Robert Stokes says it’s important to separate the two. “Anyone who’s criticizing him now, they should have been just as critical before the attack on the Capitol building, because we cannot suggest, that, the people, the criminals who entered the Capitol building did so because people were objecting to the election or that somehow justified that.”

Stokes says he has a problem with anyone who felt that the objections would change the outcome of the election, but he feels it’s important that Senator Hawley brought up his objection. “I think it’s also very important for people like Senator Hawley to make sure the concerns of their constituents are aired in a public forum and investigated properly.”

In a statement, Senator Hawley said quote “I will never apologize for giving voice to the millions of Missourians and Americans who have concerns about the integrity of our elections. That’s my job, and I will keep doing it.”

Democrat Joshua Shackles has concerns over Senator Hawley’s objection. “As an elected official from Missouri, I don’t know why he would be getting involved in the election process of other states if he has some type of evidence that something might have happened, it would be best if he brought that forward and let the officials from those states handle those investigations.”

Shackles feels something should be done. “Well, he definitely deserves a strong message about his actions, whether that is coming from Congress or his constituents.”

As for Humphreys’ call for censure, it’s something that must be initiated by a member of the Senate. MSSU Associate Professor of Political Science William Delehanty explains what censure would mean. “In this case, for example, in the Senate, to take into account public reaction, right, to the behavior of their members, and then to show the public in a very official way, that they don’t approve of what the member has been doing or saying for that matter.”

In addition to Humphreys’ call for the U.S. Senate to censure Senator Hawley, other representatives have been calling for Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz to resign.