Joplin business owner presenting petition to add a new city ordinance

Joplin business owner presenting petition to add a new city ordinance
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A Joplin businessman says the city is stopping him from offering medical marijuana users a place to medicate.

Chris Shumate is the owner of The Smoking Capricorn in Joplin. He is wanting to offer this bathroom space for medical marijuana patients to be able to smoke their prescription, or consume edibles, but, he says the city, is stopping him from doing that. “They’re not looking at medicinal patients currently using medical marijuana for something good, they’re going on with stigmas, and this is something where the stigma has to stop.”

We reached out to the city for an interview about the issue, and the City Attorney, Peter Edwards, responded with this statement. In it, he says quote “In our conversations with the DHSS, they have been clear that the intent of the ‘public place’ regulation is not to facilitate marijuana cafes or lounges.”
Shumate believes that the City Attorney is talking about recreational marijuana. He says his plan is for medical users only.

What they’re both talking about is an emergency rule from the Department of Health and Senior Services regarding medical marijuana. It says the owner of a public place, may, but is not required to, designate a space where a qualifying patient can use medical marijuana.

That’s what Shumate says he’s hoping to do. He’s created an online petition to get the council to pass an ordinance to allow him, and others, the ability to give medical marijuana users, a place to medicate, outside of their own home. “I think this is something that’s going to benefit the patients, because anytime in their day, that they’re going on about their normal commute, this would give them the opportunity to be able to smoke somewhere that’s not inside of their house.”

Shumate is scheduled to address the council about his concerns and his petition at the council meeting a week from tonight.


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