Joplin bar holds biscuits and gravy competition

JOPLIN, Mo. – Rumor’s Cocktail Lounge is always looking for something to spice up their Sunday’s, or “Sunday-fun-day”, as the owner Craig Periman calls it.

“We’re always looking for new and exciting events to bring people in,” says Craig.

 This Sunday is no different, except they had an even bigger reason to get people excited about the upcoming week. 

“We decided what a better way than to do biscuits and gravy, after the horrible weather we’ve had all week,” says Craig.

 It started when the event organizer, Justin Kirk’s wife made a post on Facebook, asking who had the best biscuits and gravy in town. When all of his friends in the area chimed in, he knew he could create an event out of this.

“So I made a hashtag, biscuits and gravy challenge 2021, and my friend Cassie is a bartender here so she said ‘hey let’s do it at Rumor’s.’ So it just got thrown together in a few days and now here we are.” Says Justin.

The event was created for everyone in the area to share their recipes with each other.

The contest worked by having participants bring in their best biscuits and gravy, then everyone who showed up got to try all the recipes and decide on a winner.

Because today’s event was so impromptu, the turnout wasn’t as big as Justin had hoped. He says he hopes he can do this again in the future, just with more people and more recipes to try.

“But for what it is, I think it turned out really well,” he says.