Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce encourages JOMO Pride donations

Close Up Of Jomo Pride Shirt

This June marks the 50th anniversary of annual LGBTQ+ pride celebrations, but like a lot of events, COVID-19 has put a local celebration on hold.

JOMO Pride Inc. typically has several fundraisers leading up to the Pride Fest, the group’s primary fundraising event, but the festival is now cancelled.

While they’re still trying to do some community outreach, COVID-19 has hurt the organization financially.

Because of the setbacks, the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce posted a message of support on social media and encouraged others to donate to JOMO Pride during pride month.

“The unique thing about the chamber of commerce is, not only do they have the pulse on the business community but they have the pulse on the nonprofit community. So knowing how we operate and knowing we use these fundraisers to put on pride, they know we took a big hit. So for them to put that on their website, we were grateful for that,” said Ron Burch, JOMO Pride Inc. co-chair.

JOMO Pride is planning on putting on a virtual pride event as well as launching a resources page for their website.