Joplin alpaca farm offers tours to residents

Alpaca Farm

JOPLIN, Mo. – A local farm is offering tours of it’s facilities to local residents. The tour showcased alpacas at the ‘Magajupa Mine Alpacas’ farm in east Joplin.

Kids and adults alike had an opportunity Saturday to learn about what it takes to take care of the alpacas and interact with them. There were also fleece samples available, products made from fleece and, most importantly, an opportunity to take selfies with the alpacas.

“We enjoy it,” said Daryel Schaffer of Magajupa Mine Alpaca Farm. “We like to watch the kids interact with the Alpacas. They seem to enjoy it. It’s been a lot of work keeping up with stuff, keeping up with all the alpacas. We had sheering yesterday which, in the rain, was quite an ordeal but it got done.”

Guests were asked to practice social distancing along the tours, which last forty-five minutes.