JoMo Riders honor Neosho teen hit and run victim

JoMo Riders honor Neosho teen hit and run victim

JoMo Riders join the family of a hit and run victim Matthew Stevens to ask for more information about the night he was killed. They honor 19 year old Neosho man killed with a 49 mile ride.

The ride raises awareness for all aspects of rider safety, urging drivers to pay attention to the road.

“There are people riding motorcycles, bikes, scooters, walking and everything down the side of the road. People need to start paying attention, put their cell phones down, quit paying attention to what’s in the back of their car and start looking and looking twice,” says Joshua Lee with JoMo Riders.

The group usually does memorial rides upon request but reached out to the Stevens family to put together today’s event. Matthew’s father and younger brother were among the dozens of riders.

“A life is a life in my books, I mean it doesn’t matter how they’re killed, a life is a life and people being stupid is not worth losing someone else,” continues Lee.

“I don’t even have words for what it means to mean as well as to the rest of my family that people cared enough to come out and ride for us and ride for my son and his memory and raise some awareness I’m hoping about children on the autism spectrum and just about safety in general,” says Matthew’s mother Stacey Stevens.

Family and friends talk fondly of memories.

“There were so many things that I loved about my son. He was very warm, kind, caring, giving kid. He would help you no matter what situation you were in. He was funny and he loved to make people laugh, sometimes even at his expense. But he was just a warm kid and I feel very blessed that I was allowed to be his mother,” continues Ms. Stevens.

Although they couldn’t talk about the ongoing investigation, the family doesn’t think it was intentional. They are offering a reward for any more information about the events leading up to their son’s death.

“I think the right thing to do at this point is just for us to just get the information so we can have closure and that’s really what we’re looking for. There are so many unanswered things that haunt me at night, I just need answers about my son,” says Ms. Stevens.

If you have any information regarding the hit and run, call (417) 451-8012 or (417) 451-8000.