Jerry Wayne Wyrick

April 13, 1940 - September 19, 2022
Jerry Wyrick
Jerry Wayne Wyrick, 82, of Miami, Oklahoma, passed away September 19, 2022, at peace and surrounded by loved ones.
Jerry was born to Cletis and Murna (Reynolds) Wyrick on April 13, 1940, in Seneca Missouri. He, along with his bothers Eugene (1937-1957), Robert (living) & sister Donna (1944-2000), grew up in Rural Wyandotte & Seneca. Those of us who knew him best know that Jerry lived his life with gusto and energy! Stories of his youth tell us of an energetic boy, with a mind too quick to sit still, who was always up to something. The elder Wyrick’s spent a lot of energy populating this corner of the state therefore there were always cousins/brothers/sisters/aunts/uncles or other local kids ready to help Jerry find trouble and adventure.
Jerry attended #5 school just up highway 10 from here, his Grandparents, Mom & Pop, lived so close to the school that he remembers “Mom” starting the stove in the winter before the kids would arrive, so they did not have to begin their day in a cold room. In 1958 Jerry graduated from Wyandotte High School and was fiercely loyal to the Bears for as long as he lived. After high school, he was not afraid of hard work, he did just a bit of everything from building lawn mowers in Baxter Springs, KS, working as a farm hand in Leoti, KS, to appliance delivery and repair in Joplin, MO. Unfortunately, it seemed near impossible to find steady, good work due to the draft. Apparently, none of the big factories were willing to hire a young hardworking guy who was eligible for the draft. So, in 1959 he joined up and headed to Fort Leonard Wood for basic training.
After completing basic training Jerry found out that he could get $50 more a month if he went to jump school and became a Paratrooper. After more training in Fort Jackson, SC Jerry and a buddy of his had 2 weeks leave before needing to report at Fort Bragg, NC. Being young and invincible, they hitchhiked from SC to NC by way of Moberly, MO then Miami, OK to see each of their families. With no time to spare, they made it to the Fort in time and commenced jump school. Jerry often boasted that he took off in 13 planes before he ever landed in one. Okinawa was the next adventure the Army had in store for him. The Army was good for Jerry and Jerry was good for the Army. He was able to support himself and send money home for his younger brother to attend college. Jerry was proud to have served his country, his family and always proud to have been a part of the 82nd Airborne Infantry.
After his stint in the Army, he came home and hired on at BF Goodrich and started a family! He found the love of his life, Youvett (Kreeger) Wyrick (1943-2017), and asked her to do him the honor of marrying him, she said yes, and they set out to create the perfect family. Two daughters Melony Ann & Jera Lynn completed their little dream life, and they raised them to work hard and love deeply.
Jerry was known, by the neighborhood kids, as the guy who would patch your bike tire, or supply some nails for your tree house construction. He could fix anything, and every room of the family house showed his ingenuity. He could always find a way. Like many area families in 1984, Jerry lost his place at Goodrich when the plant in town closed. Tuscaloosa, AL was the answer to the question of how to keep his family in food and fashion. He eventually retired and moved back to Miami to reunite with family and friends. Retirement did not slow him down much; he quickly found a job as a school bus driver. Hundreds of students were safely transported to school and back under his watchful eye! Many years later he retired again.
Jerry’s hands held the road map of a life well lived. As a young man he built some callouses to help him grow tough, and his Goodrich days added callouses to those. His girls remember those hands, always a little stained by black rubber, but always there to lovingly pick & patch them up when they fell. His golden band to match Youvetts’ and his Shrine Ring that symbolized his commitment to help others. The tan line right on the wrist of the left hand showed his passion for Golf. Amazingly, as his Girls grew and brought home Grandchildren, those hands had grown softer but no less strong and his Grandchildren Hannah, Job, Elia, Isaac, Hollis, and Great Grandson Arthur were able to find comfort in his hands as well. Then in some of his last days, those hands may have been soft, and the skin grown thin, yet they were steady and strong even as his body failed him. His hands were the constant, steady, safe place in the world, the rock upon which his family could lean and find shelter from any storm.
Jerry was preceded in death by his wife, (married so many decades the number of years aren’t worth the counting) Youvett Kreeger Wyrick, his parents Cletis & Murna Wyrick, sister-in-law Jackie Kreeger, Brother Eugene Wyrick, Sister Donna Wyrick, Grandparents and countless dear friends.
He leaves his brother, Robert Wyrick, brother-in-law, Renick Kreeger, his daughters and their husbands, Melony and David Houlihan and Jera and Brent Rendel, his grandkids, whose lives will ever be better for having loved their “Pop”, Hannah and Jed Gibson, Job, Elia and Isaac Rendel and Hollis King, and nieces and nephews Spring, Scott, Eli, Josh, Noah, Graham, and Todd. While he knew his passing would be hard on us left here, he assured everyone that he was happy with his life and believes it was a LIFE WELL LIVED! He was ready to sit beside Youvett once again, after all, he missed her, as we will miss both of them.
A reception/visitation will be held at Brown Winters Funeral Home and Cremation Service in Miami, Oklahoma 2:00 – 4:00 pm on Sunday September 25, 2022. You are invited to come greet Jerry’s family and see the beautiful Urn Youvett lovingly painted, that now holds Jerry’s precious ashes.
Services will be at All Saints’ Episcopal Church at 10:00 am on Monday September 26th, 2022, his ashes will be interred there in the Garden of the Good Shepherd following the service.
The family asks that in lieu of flowers you to raise a glass, share a joke, smile, live and laugh in his honor. If you would like to honor him with a contribution or gift, please consider donating to your local Shrine or All Saints’ Episcopal Church, Miami OK.
Friends and family may send the family notes of encouragement by viewing Mr. Wyrick’s Tribute Page at