Jasper, Missouri police chief’s Facebook posts cause concern with viewers

JASPER, Mo. – KOAM News has received messages from concerned viewers about Facebook posts from the Jasper, Missouri police chief.

Chief Chad Karr’s posts reference the death of George Floyd — the Minneapolis man who died in police custody. Several viewers sent us screenshots of the posts after Chief Karr took them down.

In the original post he said he himself has used the maneuver seen in the video and it’s something he’s quote “seen officer’s doing while fighting a combative subject.”

Chief Karr’s post said he would quote “bet anybody $500 right now this man had substances in his body that caused him to resist the way he did and fight the police and to eventually stop breathing”.
Later, Cheif Karr took down the post and posted an update explaining his position after he says his phone was “blowing up” with people calling him a racist.

In his updated post he said quote “I was in no shape or form being racist. I was responding to posts I seen about hurting officers and was saying hold up, lets get more info on this before wanting to murder and hurt officers”.

We did reach out to Chief Karr for comment but have not received a response.