Jasper County Sheriff’s Office searching for three missing teen girls

The girls have run away from an undisclosed location, and are believed to be together in the Jasper County Area.

JASPER COUNTY, Mo. –Three teenage girls have run away from an undisclosed location in Jasper County. The girls have been identified as 14-year-old Alexus Crawford, 16-year-old Morgan Holderman, and 14-year-old Jasmine Marie Holliday.

The teens were last seen on  April 3, 2021, at a Yesway at 7th and State Line.

The Jasper County sheriff’s office is currently searching for these girls. Sheriff Randee Kaiser said they have detectives currently following up on leads based upon sightings of the girls.

“We have detectives that are working on following up on leads from locations that they have been seen at since they ran away. And basically trying to track down their whereabouts by following up on those leads,” Kaiser said.

They’ve been in contact with the missing teen’s families, which has led them to other possible leads of the girl’s whereabouts. The teens are believed to be together in the Jasper County area.

“It’s providing some information on other possible leads that we can follow up on. and that’s really where we’re at right now is just trying to find acquaintances and friends of where they might be at and going to those locations and looking for them,” Kaiser said.

Sami Crawford, the aunt of Alexus Crawford asks anyone with knowledge of the missing girls to reach out to the jasper county sheriff’s office or the teen’s families. 

“I just want anyone who sees her or anyone who has contact with her to reach out to law enforcement to family, and let us know because we’re all worried sick, and she’s not a bad girl she’s an amazing kid, she has such a good heart,” Crawford said.

She adds her family has been searching for themselves, utilizing social media.

“We’ve tried reaching out on social media, to try and get ahold of her, in case she’s logged on social media through different platforms, and we’re just hoping for the best,” said Crawford.

The Jasper County Sheriff’s office said the public should be on the lookout for the missing teens, and if you spot them, to report them to local authorities.

Anyone with information should call 911 or the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office at (417) 359-9100.