Jasper County Sheriff’s Office investigates ATM break in

A Bank Thats Had Its Damaged Atm Removed


VILLAGE OF AIRPORT DRIVE, Mo. – Customers of the Community Bank and Trust in the Village of Airport Drive will be visiting the teller for the foreseeable future following an early morning ATM break in.

“Upon our arrival, deputies noticed that the machine had been broken into. A short time later, we located the vehicle that was used in that. It was in the same area unoccupied,” said Deputy Chief Derek Walrod of the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office.

The vehicle is this Ford F-350 which was stolen from a nearby resident.

The deputy chief says the owner was not aware the truck had been stolen when contacted about its recovery.

Deputy Chief Walrod also says the truck wasn’t damaged when suspects hooked chains to its back and used the vehicle to rip the ATM’s front off.

“There was cash stolen. We don’t know the exact amount. We’re still investigating that. And we’re still looking for any evidence we can find and also asking for any assistance that may be out there from the public,” said Deputy Chief Walrod.

The deputy chief also says his team is still in the process of determining how much cash was stolen and looking into possible connections to similar nearby crimes involving ATMs.

“I believe there may have been one in Webb City within the last month and a half. And there’s been some, I’ve been told, around the Green County/Springfield area. So we’re looking into that,” said Deputy Chief Walrod.

If you have any information concerning this crime, you can submit at tip here.