Jasper County Sheriff’s Office encourages kids to send letters, drawings to folks in nursing homes

Crayons, Paper


JASPER COUNTY, Mo. – Jasper County Sheriff’s Office suggests kids at home send drawings or special messages to residents in area nursing homes who can’t have visitors due to COVID-19 related restrictions.

The Sheriff’s Office posted that they got the idea from social media. They said residents at nursing homes are truly socially isolated and could use a little something to let them know we are thinking of them.

Jasper County Sheriff’s Office posted to Facebook, “We did some research and contacted the local nursing homes to see if this was something they would want, and if it was a potential safety risk. We kept receiving the same answer; the virus can not live on a surface for more than a certain amount of time, and they would disinfect all the letters and drawings before letting any of their residents have contact with it. They all thought it was a good idea and would love to receive those for their residents.”

“We encourage you to please send drawings, letters and pictures to your local nursing homes to let them know we are thinking of them. Here is a list of a few of our local nursing homes. It is not a complete list, so if you know the name and mailing address of others please provide the information in the comments.”

Saint Luke’s Center
1220 E. Fairview Ave.
Carthage, Mo. 64836

Carthage Health and Rehab
1901 Buena Vista Avenue
Carthage, Mo. 64836

Bristol Manor
2131 S. River Street
Carthage, Mo. 64836

Sunny Hills
17562 Imperial Road
Carthage, Mo. 64836

Silver Creek
3325 Texas Avenue
Joplin, Mo. 64804