Jasper County sees “disappointing,” but about average, voter turnout

County has 10.7 percent turnout for municipal election

JASPER COUNTY, Mo. – County officials were expecting turnout to be pretty low for this year’s municipal election.

Residents in several precincts didn’t have anything to vote on, and the election had to be delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Unofficial results show that 10.7 percent of registered voters in Jasper County voted, a number that County Clerk Charlie Davis says is disappointing.

“It’s a little disappointing when you’ve got 79 thousand registered voters in the county and about 79 hundred show up to vote,” says Davis. “But I say this time and time again, our job is to make sure that the polls are open for anybody to vote that wants to.”

While that number was a little disappointing, Davis says it’s about what they were expecting and lines up with what they’re seen in past municipal elections.

“I believe the last April election was about 12.8 percent, somewhere around there. So, it’s very comparable. We did have some people do absentee, but those numbers are counted in here. And these are unofficial results until Friday. But a 10.7, even though that’s a little disappointing, it’s not unexpected for a municipal election,” says Davis.

We spoke to a few voters at the polls in Carthage to see if they had reservations about voting when there is a current health crisis.

“I mean, I wasn’t worried about it. This area’s usually pretty clean,” says voter Keith Hussman.

“I’ve got my mask on and I mean, I go into Walmart and everything else. But I mean it’s… they’ve got it spaced out like you’re supposed to be other places and everything. And it was simple and easy,” adds voter Sarah Farmer.

When we talked to Davis earlier in the day, he said that everyone in his office was glad to see the election go smoothly, and finally get it under their belts.

Unofficial election results: https://www.koamnewsnow.com/news/politics/elections/election-results/