Jasper County R-V School District extends spring break through April 3

JASPER, Mo. – Jasper County R-V School District decides to extend spring break through April 3, 2020.

The district posted the following to social media:

Dear Jasper Eagle Family:
Our primary concern is always the safety and well being of our students and staff and the patrons of the district who support it. The outbreak of COVID-19 places all public and many private entities in unchartered waters. Please trust that we are making decisions based on real time, verified information and not on what you may be seeing on social media or even more traditional media for that matter.

After much consideration and careful deliberation, the Board and the administration have decided to extend Jasper R-V’s spring break through April 3. We are calling this a Wellness Break. We will re-evaluate school opening, based on real time information, closer to April 3.

To support a safe environment for students and staff the following steps will be implemented.

ALL school activities will be suspended through April 3. No practices, no performances, no games, no contests, no field trips. No Booster Club or town activities will be hosted by Jasper RV. I cannot control off campus events by outside organizations but if social distancing is to be effective, it needs to be for everything.

I am encouraging teachers at all grade levels to reach out to their students electronically to encourage them to read, to keep practicing math or to participate in whatever learning activity they feel is appropriate AT HOME.

Teachers will not make assignments; set due dates or have the expectation that traditional classroom learning will go on during this break. We do encourage students to be ready to learn once we return to a complete school schedule.

In order to help insure that students have access to the lunch that they would normally get at school, starting on Wednesday, March 18, bus drivers will be driving all bus routes between 9 and noon with grab and go lunches for all students who are listed at our bus stops. This includes the town stops as well. After Wednesday, if you do not wish for the driver to deliver meals for your children, let them know and we will skip your stop.

I encourage you to take family measures to help insure your own health and wellbeing, limit non-essential contact, encourage your family to practice good hygiene at home so that we can, indeed, flatten the curve of the spread of the COVID-19 virus. These measures are not taken lightly and we understand that not everyone will agree but we believe it’s better to be safe, than sorry.

If you have questions, let me know.
Christina Hess, Superintendent