Jasper County PWSD #1 increases bill by 47%, sends statement to KOAM

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JASPER COUNTY, Mo. – Customers of Jasper County Public Water Supply District #1 have been seeing a 47% increase on their bills. The District told KOAM they made a note of the increase in the December bill sent to customers.

KOAM asked for additional details of the increase and was sent the following statement:

“Rural water districts operate not for profit. They charge enough to pay operating expenses, the indebtedness and enough to make reasonable replacements and extensions. It is much more expensive to deliver water in a rural water district than in a municipal supply.

Jasper County Public Water Supply District #1 has no dividends. JCPWSD#1 was the first rural water district in Jasper County and its lines are aging and replacements and improvements are needed. The district operates not for profit and has neglected to increase rates adequate for several years. According to the district’s CPA, the board has not in the past made adequate increases to meet cost and inflation.

Although rates vary in rural water districts depending upon numerous factors, we believe you will find that we charge less than some district and more than others in the region.”