Jasper County prepares for COVID-19 vaccine

Administering A Vaccine

JASPER COUNTY, Mo. – When a COVID-19 vaccine is approved and ready, the state of Missouri will also be ready.

The state recently presented the CDC with a vaccination rollout plan that puts healthcare workers at the front of the line. Next in line will be critical infrastructure workers such as first responders and law enforcement as well as Missourians at a higher risk for the coronavirus which includes the elderly.

The administrator for the Jasper County Health Department says the state is already looking into who might distribute a COVID-19 vaccine in the county.

“They will start signing organizations like health departments, hospitals, and physicians’ offices, pharmacies, and things of that nature,” said Jasper County Health Department administrator Tony Moehr.

The health department administrator says it’s too early to speculate who will be on the vaccine distribution list, but he suspects his health department will have plenty of partners.

“You know, with the population of Jasper County, it would take the health department as the only distributor a long time to get that distributed, so we’ll have to have alternate sites of distribution,” said Moehr.

To read the state of Missouri’s official COVID-19 vaccination plan, click here.