Jasper County Health officials share latest updates on COVID-19 in the county

The health department is hopeful that they will continue to see an increase in negative test results
Jasper County reports 3 more COVID-19 deaths

JASPER COUNTY, Mo. – It’s been almost two months since the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Jasper County.
Now the county is at a total of 19 confirmed cases, with the latest being last week.

“16 of those have been removed from isolation, three of those are still in isolation” said Tony Moehr, Administrator, Jasper County Health Department.

According to Moehr, since testing began, they have had a total of around 990 negative tests in the county, not including Joplin.

“All together in Jasper County, Joplin included, it would be about 1800 tests done so far.”

Moehr says they have seen an increase in testing lately.

“Every day the state sends out a new report of negatives and every day for Jasper County they are adding probably 50-60 negatives on there, so there’s quite a few people getting tested.”

And for every positive case in the county, the department is using contact tracing to inform those who may have been exposed.

“We’ve had 51 contacts who have been quarantined and 11 of them are still quarantined.”

He says some of the early cases of COVID-19 were international travelers and self-quarantined immediately.

“A lot of them had very few contacts and a lot of them that had contacts were home contacts you know direct family members and things of that nature and we have others who have quite a few more contacts.”

The health department is hopeful that they will continue to see an increase in negative test results.

“We would like to see testing increase so we get a better idea of what’s going on in the community so obviously when you do a test you’ll either get a negative or positive, so we hope we’ll see more negative and few positive tests…it’s just yet to be seen” added Moehr.

Updates and information on COVID-19 in Jasper County can be found on the health departments website.