Jasper County Health Dept. gives more info on COVID-19 patient who attended church service in Carthage

That person attended a church service at the Alfa and Omega church in Carthage on May 24-th before being quarantined on May 29-th.
Alfa And Omega

CARTHAGE, Mo- On June 2nd the Jasper County Health Department released a public statement announcing a new positive COVID-19 case and informing the public of possible exposure.
The Jasper County Health Department put out that the individual who tested positive developed symptoms on May 17-th.

“The positive case was a contact to a prior case and so had been under quarantine for some period of time and developed symptoms and came and tested positive for coronavirus, so we then put them on isolation” said Administrator, Tony Moehr.

However that person attended a church service at the Alfa and Omega church in Carthage on May 24-th before being quarantined on May 29-th. Which led the department to informing the public of the potential exposure.

“We’re starting to see a few more cases and contacts in the Carthage area so we were just concerned that an event the size of a fairly large church gathering could be a major source of a spread if in fact it came to that” said Moehr.

He says the person reported that they were wearing a mask during the service, but that there is not enough information known about the size of the church gathering, or if social distancing was put in place.

“We always try to evaluate every situation to look at what’s the risk to the broader community with whether we provide information like this or not and in this case we felt there was enough potential for spread that we felt we needed to do that.”

Moehr added that some minority groups are at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19…so it was important to let the public know to contact them if they had been in attendance at the church.

“The Hispanic population is certainly a population that is at risk of having negative outcomes if having it, so I think that’s another reason to air on the side of caution in a situation like this.”

He says in the last week there have been additional cases of COVID-19 in Jasper County, and that businesses, churches and individuals should continue following state guidelines.

“It’s starting to be a little concerning that we’re seeing an uptick in those cases.”

They have had multiple people from the church go in for testing since the release.

If you attended the Alfa and Omega Church in Carthage you are asked to contact the Jasper County Health Department.