Jasper County Courts to resume in person operations

Courts system to resume operations on Monday

JASPER COUNTY, Mo. – Jasper County courts are set to reopen on Monday, May 18th.

The Jasper County courts building and juvenile center will be open for hearings.

But, the number of people inside will be restricted, people will have to wear masks, and only the people who have court business will be allowed to be present in court proceedings.

The public will be able to go into the building to do business at county offices, such as the County Collector, Assessor and Clerk’s offices.

People who have any symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed inside.

Administrator Eric Theis says the courts have been holding remote hearings, but getting back into the buildings will help them get caught up on hearings that had to be postponed.

“Probate, estate planning and those types of cases. Those types of hearings require, in most instances, an in-person hearing. And in addition, we have obviously, with the shutdown, a backlog of cases because we weren’t able to hear them. And so we’re working hard to try to get those cases resolved,” says Theis. “We understand that we need to get back and operational because we know that businesses and people rely on us to resolve their disputes, and people are seeking justice. And so we understand that we need to get operational, and we’re taking every step that’s necessary to do that in the most safe and effective manner.”

Theis says that notification of new court dates will come from people’s attorneys and the court clerk.

They can also be found on Missouri Case Net.

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Jasper County Court Reopening Release