Jake’s Fireworks Impacted by Louisiana Flooding, Helping Community

Jake’s Fireworks Impacted by Louisiana Flooding, Helping Community

Flooding in Louisiana has killed 13 people and damaged tens of thousands of homes and businesses. One business has roots in Pittsburg, Kansas.
It’s known as Jake’s Fireworks in the 4 states, but down south it’s Louisiana Fireworks. All three of its buildings were under water after the recent flooding.
“You keep thinking maybe I’m going to be okay, maybe I’m going to be okay, and then we found a video and we could see at least 4 feet of water in the buildings,” says owner Michael Marietta.
The Pittsburg based company has operated 3 retail and wholesale buildings in Louisiana for 30 years. Owner Michael Marietta went once the flood waters started to recede.
“It was a ghost town and I mean there’s thousands of people living there and no one had started coming back in at that time,” says Marietta.
Sheriff’s deputies that also work as security in the buildings say no one was expecting this much damage.
“Once the water started coming in and we started realizing that this is unlike anything we’ve ever seen, you had to make a choice to either get out of the house and get to dry land or somewhere safe or be trapped in your home,” says building manager Todd Tullier.
“We lost product but I mean I have friends who lost everything all their pictures all their furniture everything they had so we’re very fortunate,” says Marietta.
Once the 3 buildings have been cleaned and checked for mold, the owners plan to open them up to the public to use for shelter.
“I think in a time of need you need to do everything you can for somebody else, we may be in that situation ourselves sometime and certainly will hope somebody helps us,” says Marietta.
“Louisiana fireworks is very well known here kind of as Jake’s is in other parts of the country and they’ve gone above and beyond. Anything that they do is greatly appreciated by the people here,” says Tullier.
Assistance efforts throughout Louisiana have escalated. A multi-agency warehouse has opened in Baton Rouge. It will operate as a centralized intake point for donations, which will then be distributed to nonprofits, shelters and parishes.