Jailers involved in illegal contraband case

OTTAWA COUNTY, Okla. – Investigators say two Ottawa County jail detention officers snuck contraband into the jail for an inmate.

Authorities say Officers Kody Redden and Justin Hayworth would check drop spots at the jail to pick up drugs and deliver them to inmate Ethan Coombes.

Coombes is one of four other people charged in the case. The other three are Jose Reyes, Jaleigha Bendure and Jahir Gonzalez. Authorities have not yet found Bendure and Gonzalez.

Authorities say Coombes used the jail’s video messaging service to contact the other suspects to get the drugs and drop them off for the jailers to pick up.

You can read full details submitted to the courts at this link, or in the PDF below.

Oklahoma v Justin D. Hayworth - Affidavit