Iola Rotary Club takes water filters to schools in Kenya

Club gives 60 filters to schools in remote areas
Iola Rotary Club takes water filters to schools in Kenya
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Iola junior Jack Adams didn’t quite know what to expect on his first trip out of the country.

Jack Adams, Iola Resident: “I thought I had to eat like lion or tiger or something like that. I didn’t know what I was gonna have to eat or anything.”

He recently went to Kenya with his grandpa Bob Hawk, and a few other members of the Iola Rotary Club, to help residents get access to clean water.

Adams:”All the little kids.. they’d have a big smile on their faces.”

Last year, the club sent a dozen water filters to schools in remote areas of the country, where they could be used by students or people who lived nearby.

Bob Hawk, Iola Rotary Club: “Most of the schools don’t have really potable water. They get it out of boar holes or out of cisterns, or they bring it from their homes. and most of them have bacteria in them.”

And in June they hand delivered 60 more.

Tom Brigham, Iola Rotary Club: “At first they were skeptical,and we had to prove why were were there. and once we got done with that, they were.. can I get one.. how can I get one.. can I buy one?”

Hawk: “The kids previously would complain of stomach problems. It impacts their ability to study, and then after they started using the filtered water, those problems went away.”

But they didn’t stop there.

They also gave away 200 chicks to 20 families, and helped them set up chicken coops.

A gift with more than one impact.

Hawk: “I think that it has the potential to help them to earn some money and to be able to supplement their diet, and at some point, maybe even sell chickens. Who knows.”

Adams: “Being one of the very few people that can go over there makes it really good cause you know that you’re doing a lot of good that other people can’t. You’re contributing a whole heck of a lot.”

Gestures that may seem small to some.. but will go a long way in changing the lives of those less fortunate.

Club members paid for their expenses to go, and money for the project came from fundraising and donations.

Students at Coffeyville Elementary raised more than 18-hundred dollars in a week to buy filters.

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