Introducing the KOAM News Now InstaPoll

We've got questions. You've got the answers.

Every day, we cover a wide range of topics to keep you — our viewers — in the loop.

It’s important to us that we know what you think — how you’re feeling, what matters to you, and what you care about.

That’s why we’re introducing the KOAM News Now InstaPoll — a new interactive way that we’re taking the pulse of the four states live on the air.

How does it work?

During the show, we’ll ask you a question and you’ll see it pop up, like this:

Instapoll Demo 1

The question will pop up on the screen.

Instapoll Sample

Example of how the poll will look on our website at








From there, we’ll let you know when the InstaPoll is open, and all you have to do is use your phone, tablet, or computer to go to

It really is that simple, and as everyone around the 4-States responds, you can watch the votes roll in!

What if I want to pick a different answer?

Change your mind or hit the wrong button by mistake? Just tap the answer you want and it’ll change your response. Only one response per device though, so make sure you get your vote in!

What will the categories or topics be?

From political opinions to score predictions to personal favorites & preferences, you’re going to see all sorts of questions asked and ways you can answer. Why? Because we want to hear from you. we want to get to know you better, know what’s important to you, and which topics you want to see covered.

Buckle up — you’re about to interact with the 4-States like never before.

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