INTEGRIS Health updates its visitation policy to allow ‘Patient Representative’


Release from INTEGRIS Health:

There is no denying having a loved one by your side during hospitalization provides much-needed comfort and support, but during the current COVID-19 pandemic hospitals everywhere were forced to implement visitor restrictions.

Now that Oklahoma is in the middle of a phased “re-opening”, we have updated our visitation policy in an attempt to meet this human need without jeopardizing the safety of our patients and caregivers. The new policy goes into effect Tuesday, May 26.

What is the new visitation policy?

  • INTEGRIS Health is continuing to support no social visitation. Waiting rooms and common areas continue to be temporarily closed at this time.
  • While no “visitors” will be allowed, every patient is allotted one Patient Representative (PR), an adult designated by the patient who need not be a formal legal representative, but rather someone whom the patient seeks emotional support from and who the patient may seek assistance with decision making in considering care options.
  • All patients will be allowed 1 Patient Representative per patient:
    • Patient Representative will be allowed in the facility between 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.
    • Patients in isolation are allowed visitation only at end of life
  • OB, Pediatrics and NICU will be allowed 2 Patient Representatives:
    • OB, Pediatrics and NICU Patient Representatives will have 24 hr. representation exception
  • Patient Representative Requirements:
    • one person for the duration of care
    • will be screened at the temperature station
    • must not exhibit signs or symptoms of illness
    • will have attendance logged through the temperature stations for inpatient settings
    • will be compliant with hand hygiene and masking requirements
  • INTEGRIS Health reserves the right to ask non-compliant Patient Representatives to leave our facilities.
  • No Patient Representatives under 18 will be allowed.
  • No Patient Representatives will be allowed in isolation rooms.