Inmates smash windows, break water line at Ottawa County Jail

OTTAWA COUNTY, Okla. – Inmates cause damage after getting upset that others received a pencil, according to the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office.

On social media today, the Sheriff’s Office posted about the incident that happened Sunday evening, July 17. According to the post, four inmates got upset over another pod getting a pencil.

“These inmates then started a fire in their rec yard, blocked the main door with bunks then started smashing windows. Officers responded, along with the fire department and medical because in case they were needed. After these inmates were taken out of the pod and put into another cell they broke a hot water line.”

The social media post by the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office then continued, addressing any medical-related concerns.

“At no time did anyone go to the hospital nor was there any med flights called. We do not have a helicopter landing area on our roof.”

The Sheriff’s Office’s social media account did respond to questions on the post. One asked about how inmates start fires. Authorities responded, “one way is they destroy the wall sockets we just put in.”

KOAM will be speaking with the Sheriff later this week.

Inmates Smash Windows Break Water Line At Ottawa Co Jail 2