Indiana man uses tracking device to get stolen truck back

Indiana man uses tracking device to get stolen truck back
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Thousands of cars are reported stolen every year across Indianapolis, reports over 7 thousand cars that were stolen in 2018.

One man on the south side found out if you act fast it’s possible you can help police get your stolen vehicle back.

Brent Phelps’ truck was stolen Thursday night, but his girlfriend was awake downstairs when it happened and saw the brake lights as the criminals drove the truck out of their driveway.

She woke Phelps up who took her vehicle and went after the truck. He had an OnStar tracking system in the truck. “I’ve got an app on my phone that actually alerts me whenever the vehicle pulls out of my driveway,” said Phelps.

He coordinated OnStar with police and watched as his truck was driven around town. “Tracked the vehicle and it was over off of Tremont Street,” said Phelps.

The crime was captured on Phelps’ security cameras, he installed all the security measures after he had another truck stolen last year. That truck wasn’t found for a few weeks. “It was completely demolished it had been chopped and cut into about a hundred pieces,” said Phelps.