Independent living resident in Pittsburg turns 101, has to celebrate without family due to COVID-19

Viva Boger is keeping a positive outlook despite not being able to see her family because of social distancing.

PITTSBURG, Ks. – Viva Boger, a resident at the Carrington Place Cottages Independent living center in Pittsburg, just turned 101 years old.

“Nobody in my family has ever lived this long…I am setting records.”

But because of the coronavirus, she is celebrating differently this year.

“Well I think this is the most calm because of the virus but I usually have a birthday cake, my daughter’s birthday was yesterday and we usually have our birthdays together” she added.

She lost her husband in 2008…and most of her family lives in Colorado, so with travel restrictions and social distancing, it’s made it hard for her family to see her.
This is the first time in a long time that she is celebrating on her own.

“It would have been nice to, but we understand, I’ve learned to take life as it comes.”

However she says her birthday celebrations last year make up for not having one this year.

“Last year I had two birthday parties so it doesn’t matter that I didn’t have a party this year. My daughter had one early so my great grandsons could be here and then Carrington Place had one for me on my birthday and they planned to this year but those plans got changed which is fine I understand.”

And she is keeping a positive outlook on the virus outbreak even though she says it is the worst she has seen in her lifetime.

“This is probably the worst and fastest spreading disease I’ve ever heard of but I said they fought polio and years ago there was a lot of diphtheria, those things have been conquered so this will be too.”

And she credits that positivity for keeping her around so long.

“I have always just taken life as it came, got over the hard spots, enjoyed the good spots, whatever comes, comes, as the song says whatever will be, will be.”

Even though she was not able to physically be with her family to celebrate, Viva says she was receiving phone calls all week to wish her a happy birthday.