Illinois-based choir performs at Life Point Pentecostal Church

JOPLIN, Mo. – The Mattoon Youth Choir made a stop in Joplin Sunday morning at the Life Point Pentecostal Church.

The choir is a group of 70 young people that for more than 30 years spends part of the summer touring the country and even Europe. They joined the congregation at Life Point Pentecostal and praised the Lord with their songs.

Choir Director Nixon Doty says it goes beyond just coming together and singing.

“Something that we really strive to do is to connect with churches and minister together,” said Doty. “Not just come in, be a concert, pick up, sing, leave, but to come and connect with churches and be in one mind and one accord with a true spirit of unity with each and every church.”

The choir is based at the apostolic center in Mattoon, Illinois, a community of around 18,000.