Illegal trash dumping at Mined Land Wildlife Area is becoming a continuous problem

Whitmore pits has trash dumped there every week

The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism is seeing an increase of illegal trash dumping at the Mined Land Wildlife Area, Unit 7.

David Jenkins, the Public Lands Manager for the Mined Land Wildlife Area is tired of picking up other people’s trash.

“We’ve always had some problems near the Pittsburg area with illegal dumping, from time to time it seems to get worse, on this particular area, we picked this up last week and somebody’s dumped again since the last time we picked it up.”

The area is known as the Whitmore pits, an M-L-W-A unit close to Pittsburg, where Jenkins says they’ve seen an array of trash dumped.

“We see anything from tires, couches, chairs, construction material to household trash.”

They have cited a few people over the years but it is a continuous problem they are dealing with.

“It’s just unsightly, it effects the wildlife and just the burden on the tax payers for us to have to come out here all the time and pick it up, so it’s a multitude of things”

Jenkins says these lands are meant for hunting and fishing opportunities for the outdoor community and that it’s sad to see people disrespecting it in this way.

“It’s the public constituents that own the ground, and we just like to see them take more pride in the area and enjoy it for what it meant for hunting fishing wildlife viewing. We just would like to see them respect the resources they have available to them”

The Kansas Department of Wildlife Parks and Tourism is looking into utilizing law enforcement to help combat the issue, as well as gating off the area.

“It’s all the way around not a good deal, and we hope to get a handle of it” added Jenkins.

The KDWPT asks that anyone who sees dumping occurring, contact them.


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