ICC Coach Jason Brown resigns following controversial text message

Told German student athlete "I'm your new Hitler"

Independence Community College football coach Jason Brown has submitted his resignation. Brown came under fire last week after he engaged in a fiery text exchange with a German student athlete.

The student, Alexandros Alexiou, claims Coach Brown texted him that he should come see him and that he had 17 disciplinary points of 25. When Alexiou inquired why he had 17 points, Coach Brown responded and told the player to quit being disobedient.

In the exchange, Brown referred to the player as a German (expletive) and told him he, the coach, was his new Hitler.

Later in the exchange, Coach Brown texts that Alexious was off the team and the coach was pulling his (expletive) scholarship.

” This has been a painful episode for the entire campus and community, and its conclusion allows us to fully focus on the students we serve,” ICC said in a statement sent to KOAM. “As a college, we should be defined by the outstanding educational quality and value we create for our students, and we believe we can move past this together with our community, faculty, staff and student body. .”

Coach Brown and the 2017-2018 ICC Pirates football team were featured in the Netflix series “Last Chance U.” Season three of the series follows the team as they vie for a spot among the best in the junior college football ranks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5GijgZTx5E