Understanding CBD and its rising popularity in pain management | Here Weed Go! podcast

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Host Eddie Celaya recently spoke with some of the country’s premier experts in Cannabidiol (better known as CBD).

To help explain the science behind the cannabinoid that is seemingly everywhere, the episode’s first guest is Dr. John Streicher of the University of Arizona.

Streicher is part of a team of pioneering researchers looking into the pharmacological effects of cannabinoids and terpenes in pain management.

The second guest is Inesa Ponomariovaite, the owner and founder of Nesa’s Hemp, a nationally available line of CBD and CBDa hemp oils.

The episode focuses on explaining what makes CBD different from THC and other cannabinoids, what conditions or ailments it could help people with and what its future is when it comes to pharmaceutical applications. The program also touches on the difference between CBD derived from hemp plants as opposed to marijuana plants.