Top 5 Things-to-Do to Prepare Your Pet for Hurricane Season

Top 5 Things To Do To Prepare Your Pet For Hurricane Season

Hurricane season runs from June – November. And it seems that each year, the estimated number of named storms and severe hurricanes increases. We are fortunate in that with the advancement in current meteorological technology, severe weather is easier to predict. That means that we have more time to prepare. If you’re in an area that is hurricane-prone, you really should always be prepared — having a plan in place for your whole family, including your pets.

There are some significant things you can do to ensure your beloved pets are safe and well cared for in the event of a hurricane.

 Ensure Your Pet is ID’d

In the unfortunate event that your pet runs off or you get separated from your pet, it’s essential that your pet can be properly identified.  This means to ensure that he is wearing his collar with an ID tag. In addition, having your pet micro-chipped is the best way to ensure your pet can be identified if he gets lost. It’s important to remember to log in to your microchip account and make sure that your pet’s information is all up date (i.e. home address and phone number).  If your pet is traveling with you in carrier, it’s important to also attach pet ID information to the carrier. 

Prepare a Pet Disaster Kit

We sometimes don’t exactly know when a hurricane (and the sometimes accompanying tornadoes) will strike our particular area.  Therefore, it’s best to have a pet disaster kit ready at all times – particularly during hurricane season. Your furkid’s kit should include all that he will need in order to “survive the storm”.

At a minimum, your pet’s kit should include: food and water for a minimum of 5 days (for each pet), pet medication, list of pet-friendly lodging (including shelters that allow pets), and pet bowls.

If you don’t have access to your pet’s medical records online, it’s a good idea to include their medical records in their kit.  Other recommendations include a pet bed and toy, pet waste bags, little box, and extra leash and harness.  

In the event someone else needs to temporarily care for your pet, we recommend preparing a pet care sheet. This would include your vet’s contact info, feeding schedule, medical conditions, behavioral issues, and any other pertinent information to enable the temporary pet sitter to take the best possible care of your furkid.

Keeping a current picture of your pet on your phone is also a good idea — just in case you get separated.

 Identify Evacuation Zone & Route

Always have a plan, especially when you have a four-legged family member.  Pets tend to slow us down when traveling — making it even more important to plan ahead. Make sure you know the evacuation zone you are in so you can determine when an evacuation is ordered. It’s best to find the safest location that is closest to you. Since you’re traveliing with you pet, be sure to give yourself some extra time.

Source Pet-Friendly Accommodations

If you need to evacuate, you will need to secure accommodations that will allow your pet. Having a “go-to” source for pet-friendly hotels is essential to ensuring your pet will be welcome in the event you have to evacuate. 

TripsWithPets features over 30,000 pet-friendly accommodations, complete with specific pet policies, as well as easy on-line booking.

Find Alternate Safe Havens for your Pets

It’s always good to have a back-up plan! Contact local evacuation shelters ahead of time to determine their policies in regards to pets. Unfortunately, most shelters do not allow pets. Shelters that do permit family pets have a limit on the number  that are allowed.

 Although it’s always the best to have our furkids with us, certain emergency circumstances may not make that possible.  Therefore, research boarding facilities, vets, and animal shelters that may provide a safe haven for your pet. 

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