Pause for paws: Protecting your dog’s paws for every season

Pause For Paws: Protecting Your Dog’s Paws For Every Season

Photo credit: Saltsox

When it comes to your pet, you do everything you can to keep him safe and healthy. From baths, to nail trims, to vet visits, to buckling him up in the car – you’ve always got his best interests at heart. However, if you’re like many other pet parents out there, you may be missing something essential when it comes to your furkid’s care . . . his paws.

“People do not think to protect their pets’ paws because it is not in the standard list of pet needs,” says Cindy Magiera, owner and CEO of Saltsox, a manufacturer of protective pet boots. “Food, shelter, toys, treats, et cetera are all on the top of people’s minds. People think that a dog’s paws are resilient and tough, which they are, but they can get hurt too.”

Your pup’s paws are resilient, and they are made to withstand different types of temperatures and surfaces. Unlike us humans, who simply have a layer of skin on the soles of our feet, dogs have paw pads. These pads are thick and insulated, and very tough – in fact they’re tougher than any other part of a dog’s body.

But just like anything else that’s durable and strong, paw pads have their limits. In harsh weather conditions, they can blister and even burn. They can also get injured by sharp and rough surfaces, or become irritated when exposed to harmful substances.

So, what’s the good news? There are simple ways to keep your pet’s paws in top shape!

Watch your dog’s steps

Our four-legged sidekicks can usually take short walks through the snow with ease, especially those breeds that are used to colder climates. But keep in mind that there are limits to what your pooch’s paws can take. If there are icy and snowy streets and sidewalks on your walking route, or salt and chemicals have been put down, then make sure the walks are shorter, which will ultimately be safer for your furkid’s paws.

Also, it’s not only extreme cold that’s harmful – the hot weather can be a danger as well. Pavement heats up much faster than the air around us, with temperatures rising upwards of 40 degrees on the hot surfaces. Skin can get burned at high temperatures after just 1 minute, so the burning risk for your dog’s paw pads in high temperatures is very real. When it’s hot outside, try to take walks in the morning or evening when the air is cooler. Also, walk on soft grass or dirt when you’re able, and have your pup run and play on the grass or inside.

Try protective boots

One way to stop paw pad damage and irritation is to prevent it in the first place. Protective pet boots are designed to protect your dog’s paws from hot or cold temperatures and chemical irritants, as well as keeping them safe on harsh surfaces.

When looking for boots for your pet, be sure to do some research and choose high quality options. Saltsox boots are number one on our list for many reasons. First off, they have two types: Lavasox for hot weather, which include a radiant heat barrier, and Saltsox for cold weather, with fleece linings for extra warmth. Both options are water resistant, and they have thin bottoms that grip surfaces yet still feel natural to your pup.

“Love” your pets’ paws

During your pooch’s regular care routine, don’t forget to also focus on his paws. If he’s been out in the cold and walking in ice and snow, or playing in the sand at the beach, or jumping on a freshly fertilized lawn, be sure to completely and carefully wipe his paws. Additionally, the areas between his toes are less protected and sensitive, so be sure to clean those parts, too!

If left untreated, paw injuries can be very sore and irritating for your furkid, and could lead to a more serious problem. After walking in harsh weather or over rough landscapes, be sure to check his paws for any cuts or tears, redness, or inflammation.

“People don’t realize that paw pads can become injured by salt, heat and pretty much anything on the ground, especially in the city,” says Cindy. “You really do want to do anything you can to save your dog unnecessary pain.”

To sum it up, the next time you’re thinking about your pet’s health and safety, don’t overlook his paws. With some extra precautions and TLC, your pooch will have happy and healthy feet that will be ready to take on his next adventure!

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