Oklahoma high school athletes now have path to get paid for fame

Oklahoma High School Athletes Now Have Path To Get Paid For Fame
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OKLAHOMA CITY (KOCO) — Oklahoma high school athletes now have a path to get paid for their fame.

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For the first time, the state has laid out guidelines for how those students can cash in on their name, image and likeness, as college athletes have been doing for a year.

These are new waters to navigate. The Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association said they purposely made these guidelines instead of a policy or rule and everything is still fluid and can change.

“These things that we see nationally at higher levels, whether that’s the pro level or collegiate level, always have a way of trickling down some form in our level,” said Mike Whaley, associate director of OSSAA.

Oklahoma high school athletes are looking to make money off their name, image or likeness, now have a starting point with guidelines from the state.

“We have had some inquiries from some schools and from some moms and dads in our state about what’s going to be permitted and what’s not going to be permitted,” Whaley said.

Some of the guidelines include that no one can pay the student contingent on their performance. They can’t make the money an incentive to enroll or remain in a specific school and the school itself can’t provide the money.

“There’s a huge concern and there still is amongst our membership and schools across the nation how name, image and likeness need to be navigated as it pertains to recruiting and amateurism?” Whaley said.

As for advertisers, they can pay the students to use their pictures or endorsements, but still can’t use any school logos, names or mascots.

“This is a very fluid topic right now. The NCAA has proven to us, that what is appropriate one week may not be appropriate the next week or next month,” Whaley said.

So far, only high school athletes are eligible. Other extracurricular activities are not included but that could change.