Must-watch videos of the week

Koam 1920x1080

A CNN correspondent has a surprise visitor at the Capitol, BTS makes a delicious entrée with the “Golden Arches” and the “devils” are back in Australia after 3,000 years.

Chief cicada correspondent

Summer in Washington, DC, unofficially starts when cicada song fills the air, but when one little critter crawled on CNN’s chief congressional correspondent Manu Raju during a live shot, he filled the Capitol with a different song.

Giving the gift of giving

Graduation season isn’t complete without those commencements that warm your heart. Quincy College commencement speaker Robert Hale did just that when he announced that the school’s 2021 graduates were receiving $1,000 dollars each — half to keep and half to donate.

‘Oh my God’

For fans of the show “Friends,” few phrases are more infamous than the familiar refrain of Chandler Bing’s one-time girlfriend, Janice: “Oh my God.” Maggie Wheeler, who played Janice, joined the show’s beloved cast for HBO’s reunion special.

BTS goes beyond nuggets

Chart-topping boy band BTS announced a collaboration with McDonald’s in a video featuring the band’s new song, “Butter.” The deal includes a meal combo with two new exclusive dipping sauces — sweet chili and Cajun flavors — inspired by McDonald’s South Korea recipes and limited-edition merchandise.

The comeback kids

Wildlife conservationists are celebrating a homecoming that was millennia in the making after seven Tasmanian devils were born on Australia’s mainland for the first time in more than 3,000 years.