Listen now: Financial advice before you buy a house, hunting trips and talking about the weather

Are you in the market to purchase a house?

Mortgage rates keep climbing, which might be leading you to having second thoughts about home ownership right now.

The good news is the latest episode of the PennyWise podcast has some tips to consider before you lock in your rate. Host Teri Barr spoke with Kate Wood, a mortgage expert with NerdWallet, to discuss the current state of the lending industry and why you don’t necessarily have to abandon plans to buy a house right now.

Hunting trips

Montana has been a destination for hunters and now there are more nonresident hunters applying for tags than there are licenses available. In this week’s episode of Montana Untamed, host Thom Bridge talks with Tom Kuglin of the Montana State News Bureau about the state that accounts for the most nonresident hunters.

Fact vs. fiction

Many of us think we know what we’re talking about when it comes about the weather, but the reality is there are many myths floating around. One example: Does heat lightning exist?

Three members of the Lee Weather Team have a fun discussion as guests on the Utterly Moderate Podcast. Also, check out the latest episode of Across the Sky from the meteorologists.

Elvis is back in the building

Elvis Presley is back, this time featured in the biopic “Elvis,” which hit theaters this past week. The hosts of Streamed & Screened talk about the film in the latest episode as well as discuss other options in theaters and for home streaming.

Gender therapy for children

Over the past few years, trans issues have gotten much more attention, especially with more children talking about and sometimes questioning their own gender.

In the episode, hosts Richard Kyte and Scott Rada talk about why this topic is so polarizing for many Americans.

Learning from the past

Our Behind the Headlines podcast looks at various topics covered by the 77 news organizations within Lee Enterprises. In the newest episode, learn how one city is using discriminatory practices from the past to help plan the future. 

Recapping the week

A lot of big stories were in the news this past week, so we’re offering two episodes of Hot off the Wire to help you catch up. One rounds up national, financial and international news while a second episode tackles some stories of note in the worlds of sports and entertainment.