How to Host a Christmas Party Like an Event-Planning Pro

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From family get-togethers to office parties to themed Christmas parties, the holidays are about spending time with the ones you love most. Should you become the host or hostess of said party, you may need a few pointers to get you through it. 

Here are eight tips for hosting the perfect Christmas party. 

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Party Planning Tips  

  • Choose a theme. Streamline your party planning by choosing a Christmas party theme. Deciding on a theme will not only help guide your menu, activities (such as gamescrafts, a photo booth, etc.), and decorations, but it’ll show your guests just how much thought and effort you put into planning the event. Potential traditional holiday party themes include Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, Christmas Character Party, or a Gatsby Christmas. If you’re throwing an online Christmas party, you may want to choose something that’s more interactive, like online holiday bingo or virtual Christmas trivia. 
  • Set a date. There are only four Saturdays in the holiday season, which makes choosing the perfect date for your Christmas party a bit tough. If there are kids on the guest list, you may need to pick a time that’s early enough that they’ll be tucked in by bedtime. Before you decide on a date, take your guests, their priorities, and your vision for the party (such as casual cocktails, office party, family-friendly affair, etc.) into account. 

  • Decide on a location. Throwing a house party is convenient and affordable. However, if you plan on inviting a large number of guests, you may want to consider renting an event space. If you’re on a tight budget and hosting the party at home isn’t an option, look for a free location (such as a local park, community center, or library). To help you decide on a location, think about the number of guests, the food you’ll serve, whether or not there will be alcohol at the party, and the overall atmosphere you’d like to create. If you’re hosting a virtual Christmas party, you’ll need to decide on a “virtual venue.” A few options include Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Group FaceTime.
  • Plan the menu and set a budget. After you’ve nailed down the theme, date, and location, you’ll need to plan a menu. If money is tight, consider making the party a potluck or opt for snacks and appetizers instead of a full-on meal. If you’re going the remote route, you could ask everyone to have a packet of cocoa on hand, or you could send out goodie bags ahead of time.   
  • Send an evite. Once you’ve figured out the who, what, when, and where, send out email invites. This way, you’ll be able to bypass the stress of purchasing and mailing customized invitations. Just be sure to give your guests plenty of notice! 

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Tips for Hosting an Unforgettable Christmas Party  

  • Create a Christmas party playlist. A party just isn’t a party without music. If you’re having a hard time choosing songs for your playlist, online streaming services like Spotify and Pandora have hundreds of pre-made holiday playlists available. Just pick one, and you’re finished! 
  • Hang some mistletoe. Another affordable way to make your home or venue feel more Christmassy is to hang a sprig or two of mistletoe. You could hang a spring by the front door, above the staircase, or over the dining table. 

Whether you choose to host a virtual Christmas party or an in-person, themed party, these tips are sure to make it an event to remember.