From canine coffee klatches to doggie social groups – connecting with fellow passionate pet parents is easier than ever

By nature, dogs are social — as are their people. Making new connections and fostering existing ones are essential to our well-being. Thankfully, connecting with fellow pet people is pretty easy through today’s various social media platforms.

However, when it comes to finding dog-friendly gatherings, there’s a definite standout – Meetup! This social platform organizes online groups that host events for people with similar interests. It helps dog parents find unique dog-centric groups with regular events, and there’s a boatload out there, all across the country!

Here’s just a sampling of the diverse pup and people groups on Meetup.

Puppies and Coffee

This is a group for pet parents who live in the Nashville, TN area. Puppies and Coffee encourages people to spend quality time with their furry best friend and meet new local peoples and puppers. They offer a casual, fun, and of course dog-friendly atmosphere!

Dogs Out Getting Social

Dogs Out Getting Social (DOGSDFW) is based in Arlington, TX, and they set up get-togethers throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX Metroplex areas. Their goal is to visit many different dog-friendly events and places, such as dog parks, hiking trails and restaurants. All dog parents and/or dog lovers are welcome to join, no matter the size of their dog(s).

Tails on the Trails

Located near St. Louis, MO (Ballwin), Tails on the Trails is a group of dog lovers who are ready to go “Beyond the Sidewalk” with their best furry friends. Their main goal is to spend true quality time with their pups doing fun activities, rather than just rushing through the daily grind by simply walking around their neighborhoods. They say you don’t need to be a dog parent to join, but you’ll have to embrace their pooches!

Phoenix Holistic Dog Meetup

This training group in Phoenix, AZ is for dog parents who want to have better relationships with their dogs, to enjoy good times, and to help their dogs reach their fullest potentials. Phoenix Holistic Dog Meetup welcomes all dogs, even “bully” and large breeds, because they know how challenging it can be to find a meetup that is willing to include them. This group offers a safe, loving environment where members can explore a new philosophy of holistic dog parenting.

Downward with Your Dog

Group members meet on the first Saturday of the month at various parks in the Greater Miami, FL area. Downward with your dog encourages members to come and work out, starting with a 30-minute yoga session for pet parents, followed by another 30-minute session where dogs are included. They believe dog parents should take care of themselves, and their dogs deserve the same!

San Diego Pittie Parents

Located in San Diego, CA, this group’s mission is to end the negative stigma of Pit Bulls and bully breeds by promoting the PAWSitive side of this misunderstood breed. San Diego Pittie Parents focuses on strengthening the bond between people and their dogs to help create a path toward successful “Pit Bull Parenting”.

Pints and Pups

This group offers pet parents a chance to get out and kick back with their pups, and make new friends while they’re at it. Pints and Pups, based in Raleigh, NC, often hosts meetups at dog-friendly breweries, where pet parents and their pooches come together to mix, mingle, sniff, and wiggle! They are also passionate about animal welfare, and host events that benefit national and local pet rescues, shelters, and other animal welfare groups. So, if you’re in the Raleigh area, join them at a brewery and grab a pint with your pup!

Scenic Urban Hikes with Dogs

This Seattle, WA group is for people who love to get outdoors and be active with their dogs, in natural environments where dogs are most happy and healthy. Scenic Urban Hikes with Dogs explores the scenic trails within the metropolitan areas of Seattle and the Eastside, and as long as you like dogs and walks around the city, you’re more than welcome to join – no dog required!

Explore meetups in your area! And if you can’t find a group that best suits you and your pooch, create your own.

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