FDA approves COVID drug for children, China deals with uphill COVID battle, and more COVID news

Here’s a look at COVID-19 news for today, April 25.

China’s COVID battle fluctuates again

Beijing will conduct mass testing of most of its 21 million people, authorities announced Monday, as a new COVID-19 outbreak sparked stockpiling of food by residents worried about the possibility of a Shanghai-style lockdown.

The Chinese capital began mass testing people in one of its 16 districts where most of the new cases have been found. The city also imposed lockdowns on individual residential buildings and one section of the city. Late in the day, health officials said the testing would be expanded Tuesday to all but five outlying districts.


Volunteers and government workers in Shanghai erected metal barriers in multiple districts to block off small streets and entrances to apartment complexes, as China hardens its strict “zero-COVID” approach in its largest city despite growing complaints from residents.

In the city’s financial district, Pudong, the barriers — thin metal sheets or mesh fences — were put up in several neighborhoods under a local government directive, according to Caixin, a Chinese business media outlet. Buildings where cases have been found sealed up their main entrances, with a small opening for pandemic prevention workers to pass through. Read more details here:

CDC moves Caribbean island from low risk to high risk

After downgrading the risk level of many of the world’s top destinations last week in conjunction with an overhaul of its travel assessments, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention added just one location to its “high” risk category on Monday.

The tiny Caribbean island of Saba — a special municipality of the Netherlands known for its rugged hiking terrain and having the world’s shortest commercial runway — was moved up to Level 3. Read about more high-risk countries here:

FDA approves antiviral drug to treat young children with Covid-19

The US Food and Drug Administration announced Monday that it has expanded approval of the Covid-19 drug remdesivir to treat patients as young as 28 days and weighing about 7 pounds.

This is the first Covid-19 treatment approved for children younger than 12.

To be eligible for treatment, the FDA said, children must be hospitalized or have mild to moderate Covid-19 and high risk for progressing to severe Covid-19, even if they are not hospitalized. Get more info and data here:


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