Essential Fishing Gear to Snag Your Next Big Catch

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Many fishing enthusiasts will agree: There’s nothing quite like the thrill of the chase and the tug of a catch. “Are they biting?” is a popular question before baiting a hook, casting a line, and sitting back with a fishing rod to enjoy the great outdoors.

Obviously, fishing requires a lot of patience. While you’re waiting to haul in “the big one,” hours can go by with no luck. Instead of putting down the net to bring up a multitude of beauties, you might reorganize your tackle box, consider a new bait, or debate which fishing “hot spot” to try next.

Regardless of the outcome, pack these essential fishing supplies the next time you head out to the water.



1. Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament Fishing Line

When you’re going after big game fish, you need a fishing line that’s up to the task. Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament Fishing Line boasts “extreme fighting power.” It’s fisher against fish, and you want to win. This brand delivers “incredible strength” that gives you an edge while boosting your confidence. The 1500-yard spool is shock-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and extra tough. When you cast your next line, go big and reel ‘em in!


<p><em><a href="" target="_blank">GOANDO Fishing Lures</a></em></p>

2. GOANDO Fishing Lures Kit for Freshwater Bait

A wide variety of fishing lures increases your chances of that dream catch. This set of GOANDO Fishing Lures works for both freshwater and saltwater fish. These lures look incredibly realistic, “like a living fish in the water.” The stereo 3D fisheye and lifelike scales can trick target fish and encourage them to grab on. The extensive kit contains plastic shrimp, plastic fish, plastic frogs, worms, crickets, and more.


<p><a href="" target="_blank"><em>LUSHAZER Fishing Weights and Sinkers</em></a></p>

3. LUSHAZER Fishing Weights Sinkers Kit, 100 pcs

In fishing, it’s all about luring that perfect catch to take your bait. Fishing weights and sinkers are valuable tools for meeting your goals. LUSHAZER Fishing Weights and Sinkers are compact, round, and made of pure lead. They’re easy to attach to your line, and the unique design makes them resistant to falling off in the water. This kit comes with 100 pieces.


4. Drasry Fishing Hooks Set High Carbon Steel Jig Bait Sharp Fish Hook for Saltwater Freshwater

As small as they are, hooks are one of the most critical items in your tackle box. This 500-piece set of Drasry High Carbon Steel Fishing Hooks comes in 10 different sizes from #5 to #14. They feature sharp, special barb hooks that promote a decrease in mortality rates. The plastic storage box is divided into 10 labeled compartments, one for each size.


5. Plano 2-Tray Tackle Box with Dual Top Access, Blue Metallic/Off White

You can never have enough storage for your favorite lures, hooks, weights, and other supplies. That’s why avid fisherpersons love the Plano 2-Tray Tackle Box with Dual Top Access. The two-tier cantilever trays have adjustable compartments for different sized lures and a deep storage compartment below. The brass-bailed latch snaps shut to keep all your supplies secure.


<p><em><a href="" target="_blank">Easy Catch Snap on Float Bobbers</a></em></p>

6. Easy Catch Snap on Float Bobbers Hard ABS Push Button Fishing Round Buoy Float Bobber

If you fished as a child, chances are you started with a worm on your hook and a red-and-white bobber. Many fishing enthusiasts feel a sense of nostalgia at the sight of the red-and-white plastic ball floating along in the water. If you want visual confirmation of your line in a long cast or you’re trying to suspend your bait off the bottom of the lake, these Easy Catch Snap on Float Bobbers will help. They come in a 10-piece set.


<p><em><a href="" target="_blank">Aluminum Fishing Pliers</a></em></p>

7. Black Anchor Aluminum Fishing Pliers 6.7″ Saltwater Resistant Anodization, Mono, Fluoro & Braid Line Cutters

A quality set of fishing pliers is another indispensable tool for fisherpersons. They serve various purposes, including removing hooks from a fish’s mouth, cutting wires, and fishing lines. Fishing pliers also feature distinct heads, the most common being needle-nose pliers. You’ll want durable, corrosion-resistant pliers that work in various applications. These Aluminum Fishing Pliers from Black Anchor are 6.7 inches long and made from aircraft-grade anodized aluminum. They come with a protective nylon sheath with an easy-access belt loop.


8. Boomerang Tool Company SNIP Fishing Line Cutters with Retractable Tether and Stainless Steel Blades

You need a reliable set of fishing line cutters when you need to snip a line. A built-in, retractable tether on these SNIP Fishing Line Cutters from Boomerang Tool Company will ensure you never lose them. The carabiner secures them to your vest, or anywhere you choose to keep track of them. The premium cutting tool also boasts a set of 400 series stainless steel blades that cut braid, fluoro, and mono lines with ease.