Chocolatier’s edibles gaining popularity in multiple states | Here Weed Go! podcast

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Today we’re taking a look at the fastest growing seller in almost every state’s cannabis market: edibles.

To do that, host Eddie Celaya is joined by Christine Smith, the founder and CEO of Grön, one of the largest producers of cannabis edibles in the Northwest. 

In the chat, Smith, an architect by trade, details how she originally came to cannabis as a chocolatier and became a “recovering architect,” where the idea and name behind Grön came from, how a brand is able to operate in multiple states and countries despite federal prohibition, and why the edible market continues to grow in popularity.

The show also attempts to clear the smoke behind the great edible debate: why are gummies so popular, especially when chocolate is technically a better vehicle for introducing cannabinoids into the body?

The conversation begins with Smith talking about why she originally left the world of architecture for the rough-and-tumble Oregon cannabis market.

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