Cayuga County church to hold 12-hour vigil to mourn gun violence Content Exchange

The Scipioville Presbyterian Church will host a 12-hour vigil to acknowledge and mourn the prevalence of nationwide gun violence and mass shootings.

Located in the Scipio Center at 3428 State Route 34, the church will hold “Out of the Depths: A 12-hour Vigil of the Psalms” on Friday, Dec. 13 and invites the public to attend in solidarity. Prayers from the Hebrew Old Testament’s Book of Psalms will be read from the church pulpit from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The national organization Faiths United to Prevent Gun Violence declared Dec. 12 to 15 the Gun Violence Prevention Sabbath, which is described as an interfaith vigil.

People can come and go to the Scipio service without a mandatory time frame for attendance, according to a Wednesday news release announcing the vigil. The release from Rev. Ben Fitzgerald-Fye describes the 12 hours as a time for non-partisan reflection on the unacceptability of death by gun violence.

Fitzgerald-Fye, who is the church’s pastor and clerk for the Cayuga-Syracuse Presbytery, said the psalms are recognized as “the most honest, vulnerable, beautiful and emotionally raw” biblical writings.

“As we consider so much of scripture to be God speaking to a people, the psalms represent a people crying out to God,” he said in the release.

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