Bargain boxes: 2020’s most affordable crossover utility vehicles

It probably hasn’t crossed your mind, but if you’re wondering why crossover utility vehicles, or CUVs, are more popular than sedans, keep in mind they aren’t much different in length, height, width or ground clearance from cars built 80 years ago. Still, it demonstrates that car buyers’ needs are not being met by the longer, lower and wider design principles long practiced by automotive stylists over the past several decades.

Yet this newfound fondness for automotive boxes comes at a price. CUVs typically cost more than the cars using the same platform, which is why the 10 least expensive cars cost less than $19,000, while the 10 least expensive CUVs cost less than $22,000.

Nevertheless, the 10 least expensive CUVs all come with front-wheel drive, and most offer all-wheel drive as an option. None are truly made for off-road adventures, but they will get you through inclement weather. Let’s take a ride.