A battle between warm and cold air continues across the nation on the first full day of spring

Well above average temperatures and gulf moisture will fuel severe storms across the Northeast and South today. Meteorologist Derek Van Dam has your forecast for the first day of spring.

The nation is fighting between warm and cold less than 24 hours into spring, and the battle line falls from Texas to Michigan.

From the Mississippi River to the East Coast, high temperatures Friday will be 10 to 20 degrees above average. Meantime, temperatures across the Plains will be 10 to 20 degrees below average.

“Record warmth is possible from (Washington) DC southward into Florida, while much below average temperatures stretch through the Plains,” the Weather Prediction Center forecast Friday morning.

“This cold air will be pressing eastward by the beginning of the weekend, bringing much colder temperatures Saturday from New England into the Mid-Atlantic.”

These warm temperatures are just a taste of what the US is likely to experience this spring. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Thursday forecast that temperatures this spring are expected to be above average from coast to coast.

It’s still snowing in the Midwest

The storm system that brought blizzard conditions Thursday to the West continues to push east, leaving snow across the Midwest.

Winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings continue Friday in parts of northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

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As much as 4 to 6 more inches of snow is possible through the region Friday.

Along with the snow, very windy conditions will be felt through the Great Lakes.

High wind warnings have been issued for Buffalo, New York, where gusts as strong as 60 mph are possible, the National Weather Service said.

Flash flooding threatens the lower Mississippi valley

In the warmer area to the south, flooding remains a big concern, especially along the lower Mississippi River valley, where heavy rain and storms will continue Friday.

A slight risk — level 2 of 4 — for excessive rainfall was forecast for this region. That could trigger flash flooding, which is possible Friday from East Texas into the lower Mississippi valley.

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Rain is expected to continue through the weekend across the South.